Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016!

A quick recap of the first few days of 2016...

Sometimes you sipping a green juice and sometimes your eating leftover artichoke dip for breakfast - its called balance peeps! Good thing we ate pretty balanced meals on New Years Eve because News years Day was less than stellar in the nutrition department. That artichoke dip for breakfast was sadly the healthiest thing I ate that day.

Saturday was a bit better. Started the morning off bright and early at the farmers market and finished it off at a wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the meal was fabulous with plenty of options to eat! Hard to see it all on the plate but i had a mixed green salad with lots of black olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage rolls, roasted potatoes, and grilled veggies. Not too shabby! Plus fresh fruit for dessert and there was a candy bar there that had a few few candies!

Back to school and back to packing lunches :(

Ollie's lunch - a quesadilla with refried beans, a satsuma orange, some graham crackers, carrots, cucumbers and cauliflower with guac to dip. Plus a mama chia on the side.

Gabbies lunch - the same as Ollie's but with pea pods instead of cauliflower since she really only likes cali cooked. And she had an apple sauce pack on the side with hers.

Sad to be back to school, packing lunches, etc.... I wish we had another week off. I realized today that I need to do some batch cooking here to be prepared for quick lunches and suppers so I'll be doing a lot of prepping tomorrow.