Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good Bye 2015!

Well hello there! What a crazy, crazy last few months its been!!! Work has been crazy, the girls sports have kept us running and we are blessed with lots of family and friends which always keeps us busy! 2015 has had its ups and its downs (more downs than ups its seems but some years are just like that) but we are ready to say good bye and hello 2016!

To say goodbye to 2015 we decided to have a pretty low key day. We were out late last night with friends playing soccer and swimming so it was a late start to the morning here for us. well for most of us - I was up early because Ollie's alarm clock went off for some reason at 7am so I got up to turn it off. She went back to sleep but I couldn't so after awhile I got up and had a coffee :)

After everyone else finally got up I ran a few errands then we had lunch. After lunch I did a little juicing then we headed out sledding with the girls. We hadn't been sledding for awhile and the weather was just perfect out so we had a blast! There was a lot of families out sledding and ice skating and it was just so nice to see so many families having a great time together and outside enjoying the nice weather. After we got home from sledding the girls wanted a hot chocolate.

Raw cacao powder, homemade vanilla almond milk, and a green juice snack!

Homemade almond milk is so easy to make and heads and tails above anything you can buy in the store. And it makes amazing hot chocolate!

Some green juice today - dino kale, green apple, pineapple, cucumber and lemon. So dark green and gorgeous!

And how nice is that arrangement in the background?! My friend gave it to me before Christmas as a thank you for watching there house for them while they are away.

And here it is all lit up for dinner tonight - the pictures don't do it justice. I love it!

And speaking of love....these 3 I love more than I can say and there is no one else I'd rather ring in the new year with. Look at those smiling faces!

For dinner we decided to keep it low key and fairly healthy because we knew we would have a snack or two tonight. So for supper I made a green salad with a white balsamic vinaigrette, cranberries and walnuts (ollie had a little almond feta crumbled on hers) and a garlic toast on the side. We get the most amazing bread from this little french bakery and he brings organic, whole grains in house and uses a sourdough starter to make all his breads. It actually takes him about 3 days to make a loaf and it tastes amazing! the girls just love everything we get from there (including their pizza dough!). Tonight we used slices of the 100% whole wheat sourdough for garlic toast. And for the main we had Pasta e fagioli - an italian dish with tomatoes, white beans and pasta. A family favourite.

After dinner we played a few rounds of minion life and now we are watching The Minion Movie (of course!) with a snack for Dreena's Artichoke dip.

Side note - we basically had the whole polished off in half and hour. 

And a little snack for blogging - the juice made 2 jars so one before supper and one now for a late night treat.

Happy New YearS to everyone and heres to a great 2016!!!