Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vegtoberfest Kickoff

Happy Sunday! Today was the kickoff to Vegetoberfest at Earth's General Store. Since it didn't start till 11am we all slept in till 9am(!) then we got out of bed and took it pretty slow for awhile. The kids had a light breakfast of toast with jam (they were saving their appetites!) and dh and i had a light breakfast of coffee(him) and green tea(me). I usually have a coffee in the morning but this morning I just wasn't feeling it but a strong cup of green tea was calling my name. I recently picked up this Korean Sejak green tea and its awesome! I actually find that green tea affect me more than coffee - I could have a cup of coffee then go to bed no problem but a cup of green tea in the afternoon will keep me up all night. Weird. So I try to keep my green tea drinking to the morning only and I usually will pick either green tea of coffee for the day. Today it was green tea:)

After we enjoyed our beverages we got dressed and headed down to the kickoff. It was sunny when we left the house but as we headed there the sky got darker and the wind really pickup. Honestly I don't think we have ever had a nice day for this even in the 4 years we have been going to it. Good thing we put our light winter jackets on!

After looking around at the booths and inside the store it was time to eat! Sailin On has been at this even ever since we have been going and we look forward to eating there every time! 

Happy to see the Sailin On truck!

The wind was really blowing by this time so we hustled up to the window to place our order. The girls knew exactly what they wanted....

We got a BLT Wrap to share (these wraps are HUGE!). Its coconut bacon, lettuce, garlic mayo, shredded carrots and green onion all wrapped in a gluten free wrap. Gabbie was excited to take the first bite!

Look at all that goodness! This wrap is fantastic but seriously I could not eat a whole one myself....after all we have to save room for the Irish!

I've learnt my lesson from years past and made sure to get two orders of the Irish this year (next year I will be getting three). Whats the Irish you ask? Only the best thing Sailin On sells! Its french fries smothered in curry sauce topped with cabbage, garlic mayo, green onions, shredded carrots and vegan cheddar cheese (daiya shreds I'm pretty sure). We devoured these fries in pretty short order. These are Ollies favourite and she could eat an order herself for sure. Actually all 3 of us girls could (dh just likes plain fries so he got an order all to himself) and thats why next year we will be ordering 3 orders. 

I could go for another order right about now.....

The girls got a few goodies at the kickoff - one was this peta kids magazine which they have been reading non stop tonight. They also made a donation to FAARM and they got a bracelet. You can kinda see it in the very top of the magazine pic. Its orange in a small ziploc bag.

The weather went from bad to worst so we left and headed off to our next destination - the Halloween store. The girls have decided on their costumes so we stopped to grab them. Pics and details to come!

Cute pic at the Halloween store - too bad Ollie's eyes are closed.

After we got home it was raining so it seemed like a good afternoon to watch a Scooby Doo movie and do laundry. I half watched the movie and have spent the time doing some image editing for a brochure I'm working on for a client. One big change from when I worked in an office - I multi task constantly! Working/doing laundry, working/cooking....when i worked in the office I just sat down at my desk and worked. This is a much better fit for me but because I break up my work with everything else I need to get done sometimes it feels like I'm always working. A small price to pay but its probably not for everyone.

I asked dh what he felt like for supper and he said burger and fries. Ok with me because it gave me an excuse to try out the new Follow Your heart cheeses on a burger. I was going to make the sneaky chickpea burgers from PPF but I had a box of Amy's California burgers that I wanted to use up. So I made some home fries (I used the recipe from ED&BV for the Popcorn Fries - best fries ever!) and then I popped the amy's burger patties into the oven. After the patties were done I put a slice of the FYH cheddar on each burger patty and left them in the oven for about 5 min till they were nice and melty.

Looking yummy!

And here is the finished version with Just Mayo, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles and lettuce.

And with some fries on the side. We also had a tossed salad with some homemade balsamic dressing on the side but I forgot to get a pic of it. The cheese was excellent on the burger. Everyone gave it rave reviews. I am planning on soup and grilled cheese sandwiches this week and they should be the end of the cheddar so we'll move on to another flavour!

And for dessert....while we don't usually have dessert when we were at the kickoff today a vendor was selling cupcakes and so we bought some for dessert tonight.

Don't there look good?! There was 2 pumpkin spice and 2 chocolate salted caramel. We cut them all in half so we each got half a pumpkin spice and half a chocolate salted caramel. So good...the kids picked ht pumpkin as their favourite while dh and I had to day the chocolate was ours (we loved them both though). A decadent ending to the day for sure but some days thats just what you need and what better way to end off vegetoberfest kickoff day then with vegan cupcakes?

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