Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello Fall!

Hello there! I have been down and out with the flu/cold for the last week so its nice to be feeling better and to start catching up with life. And of course the other day we said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Fall is my favourite time of the year - I love the weather, the colours and Thanksgiving and Halloween are 2 of my favourite holidays. 

Fall also seems to be when new vegan products finally make their way to Canada! A few weeks ago my friend called to let me know that Costco was selling Just Mayo!!!!! The girls and I ran down the next day to grab one (or 6). Costco is selling a 2 pack for $5.99 I believe? I have heard nothing but rave reviews about Just Mayo so I was pretty excited to try it out.... 

Wow. I have been using Vegenaise for the last almost 8 years? And its good (I like the Soy-free one and the Roasted Garlic one as well as the Tarter Sauce) but for me I had a hard time using it in something like a macaroni salad or something like that where you had to use a lot because A. - its expensive! and B. - it doesn't have the same taste/mouthfeel as mayo. Its great on a burger or sandwich but other than that no go. But Just Mayo is a game changer for me. It has the tang and mouthfeel of egg based mayo. I would happily use this in a macaroni or potato salad and serve it anyone without worry of a complaint. From what I remember this taste exactly like egg based mayo. Granted its been almost 8 years but my friend who still eats egg based mayo says its amazing - intact she threw out her egg based mayo and stocked up on Just Mayo too!
I still like Vegenaise but if I have definitely stocked up on Just Mayo:)

So the 2 first things I decided to do with it was make some vegan tuna and make a burger (since I was craving an end of summer bbq'd veggie burger!) Sadly we ate all the vegan tuna before I remembered to take a pic of it but it was excellent! The girls liked the vegan tuna before but they went wild for it this time - Just Mayo really made a difference! But I did remember to grab my phone a take a picture of my burger!

When I'm feeling like a veggie burger there is no better bun than the Silver Hills sprouted whole grain sesame buns. This buns are the PERFECT burger bun! With some Just Mayo, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard - yum, yum, yum! 

Oh and for the veggie burger patty I like the Amy's California Burgers if I'm grabbing a store made one. So Good!!! 

And speaking of so good - if you have not tried the So Delicious Cashew Based ice creams get your self to the store asap and grab all the flavours you can find! I was wondering around Planet Organic awhile ago when I saw the Creamy Cashew flavour. I decided to buy one container to try. When I got home I was going to stick in the freezer but I decided to try a spoonful first (even thought it was 
9:30 am) and oh my gosh - amazing! I even called my kids over to try some (you know your up for parent of the year award when your feeding your kids ice cream for breakfast - even if its vegan probably not the best choice. ) This ice cream is unbelievable! My husnad has declared this the best ice cream period and told me to forget bringing any other kind into the house. It was perfect over a warm bowl of apple & pear crisp. The next time I went to Planet Organic I grabbed 2 of the Creamy Cashew one (like a vanilla) and 2 of the Salted Caramel.  I am sad to say I will no longer be able to buy more than one salted caramel at a time as its not safe in this house. We ate the whole thing in one night!

Can you blame us?

I am heading out to hopefully grab another new product that I have heard rave reviews of tomorrow morning and I'm really hoping it lives up to the hype. I'll report back tomorrow if i can find it:)

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