Friday, September 25, 2015

Follow Your heart Cheese Review - Cheddar

Happy Friday! Its been a long week - first full week of school for the kids and I've been sick for the last week so I was looking extra forward to Friday this week. And apparently today is my lucky day! Friday mornings I take a hatha yoga class which is more of a blend of hatha and power yoga and its nice to start the "weekend" off with a strong yoga class - makes relaxing on Friday evening all the more sweet. Well today I was the only person who showed up so lucky me i got a private yoga class AND I got to put a request in for something special. So I asked for a blend of hatha and restorative. I use to take a restorative yoga class on Monday nights with this same teacher but because Ollie has soccer practice Monday nights right now I can't go and I really miss it. Plus I have been getting over this cold/flu so this mornings class was just perfect! The is instructor knows me well so she really tailored the class to all my likes this morning - it was a real treat!

After yoga I stopped at home to quickly change and then headed to Blush Lane Organics to grab a few groceries. But if I'm being honest I really made the trip to Blush Lane looking for one special thing - the new Follow Your heart Cheese Slices (although here in Canada they are known as Earth Island). I had heard that Blush Lane had gotten them in and I've heard a lot of hype about them so I had to hustle down there asap.

After finally making it down there and finding a meter to park at (so much construction by there right now and road closures) I found the cheese slices and decided to buy all 4 flavours (cheddar, provolone, garden herb and mozza). You know how it is - you go to the store to grab one thing and walk out with 2 (ok 3!) bags of groceries. I couldn't help it I found so many great things there today. After spending way too much money I hurried out of there and headed straight home to try out my cheese!

When i got home it was lunch time so I decided to have a grilled cheese. I had planned to ope the provolone first but when i was shopping at Blush Lane today I got a call from Ollie at school saying her eye was bothering her. DH was working from home today so he went to the school to grab her. She was excited to see the new cheeses and asked to try the cheddar one so I decided to open that one first. 

My lovely assistant with the cheddar. She had some cold cut into squares with some crackers. She loved it!

Here is a cheese slice right out of the package. Each package has 10 slices. They are not individually wrapped but they are very easy to separate. 

Here is the grilled cheese sandwich going on the press - Silver hills Big 16 bread brushed with olive oil. I know, I know - I'm out of Earth Balance! All that shopping and I forgot to get some! To be honest though i often make my grilled cheese with olive oil. Just how I like it:)

Here it is after 6 minutes on high on the press. It doesn't look supper melty in the picture but it really was. 

So the verdict? I really liked them! The cheese actually melted really well and the mouth feel was really good. Nice and creamy. I think the cheddar slices are great for grilled cheese or on a veggie burger. Ollie wants some in her lunch for cheese and crackers. So overall a hit and definitely you can enjoy these slices cold out of the fridge!

After giving the kitchen a good scrub down and getting Gabbie from school I didn't feel much like cooking supper (not to mention I didn't have a plan for supper tonight and that is a recipe for failure right there). However as I mentioned above I spent way too much on groceries today so I went to the kitchen to see what we had that was fairly easy to make. The kids were fighting with each other and i know partly it was because they needed to eat (anyone else have the pre supper witching hour at their house?!). Quinoa is always easy to whip up and it takes minimal effort to open a can of beans so after seeing a lot of mexican fixings in the fridge I decided to go with mexibowls. Basically quinoa (or any other cooked grain) on the bottom then add on your toppings - for us tonight it was pinot beans mixed with salsa, corn, pico de gallo, guacamole, green onions and chopped cilantro. Served with a side of apple slices it was a hit! As much as I love my pressure cooker for beans I always keep a few cans of beans on hand for nights like tonight because even thought they are pricey they are nowhere close to the cost of the 4 of us eating out!

Added bonus - the kids want the leftovers for lunch tomorrow so basically cooked two meals at the same time. Perfect! Ollie asked for me to pack this in her lunch but I'm not sure it will pack well. We'll see but honestly I don't want to think about school lunches tonight. I just want to enjoy thats its Friday:)

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