Tuesday, September 1, 2015

End of Summer

So technically I know its not the end of summer yet but tomorrow is the first day of school here so it really feels like summer is over:(

We had a super BUSY but fun summer. Lots of camps for the girls - both girls did 2 street soccer camps and Ollie did another week long soccer camp at a club this summer to see if it might be a place where she would like to play this indoor season. Add in all the festivals and a week long trip to the mountains and we really only had about the last 3 weeks in August where we didn't have anything planned (and even then my Dad took a week off and spent almost the entire week with the girls doing fun things like going shopping, Jurassic Forest, The Telus World of Science, Fort Edmonton) so we really packed a lot of fun it but I feel like we didn't have much of a break - we just didn't seem to slow down!

And now its back to school, back to packing lunches, back to soccer and curling and art lessons and street soccer and yoga.....its crazy and busy and really we love it because we do it all together and we have made really great friends throughout all these activities and so really its become a very social thing for us!

I have pictures to share but I am too behind tonight to download any so tomorrow is its!

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