Monday, June 29, 2015

Beating the heat with smoothies and juices

We have had really nice temperatures lately and so we have been drinking a few more smoothies than usual. And lately its been on my mind about how active we have been. The girls are getting way more active in their sports and my yoga schedule had been pretty intense. And so I've been thinking about adding a little protein powder back into our smoothies. Years ago I use to us the Vega tropical tango smoothie mix because it doesn't have any stevia in it. I just can't stand the taste of stevia, not even a drop of it so that vega product was PERFECT because it didn't contain any - until they change the formula and added stevia in. Ugh why Vega why?!  And so after that we stopped using anything in our smoothies but I've started the search again. A friend gave me a sample of the Arbonne protein powder (which is vegan) it taste awesome but its really pricey for a smallish container, about $80 for 30 servings (on a side note its surprising to me but it list stevia as an ingredient but i can't taste it at all which is a shocker for me!). So I thought I'd look around and see what else is on the market. I can across this SunWarrior Warrior Blend Raw Protein and the natural flavour has no stevia! I bought a sample pack and decided to test it out with the girls.

We made this raspberry/mixed berry smoothie with  frozen berries, vanilla coconut milk yogurt, water and the sun warrior in it. The verdict? It was ok - it had a slight taste but it was definitely drinkable. Ollie loved it (not as much as the arbonne one but a very close second to her), Gabbie liked it and I liked it. It definitely sat really well with me - didn't cause any stomach upset or anything like that. I think I'll try the vanilla one even though it has stevia in it to see if its like the arbonne one and pretty much undetectable!

Pretty colour and love those glass straws!!!

Last tuesday for Ollies technical training session I was craving and kale lemonade so i made one up to bring with me while i watched her on the side lines :) That lemonade is so refreshing - I just love it! Sadly Ollie came over to grab a drink of water and spied me drinking it so I had to share the last bit with her (and by share I mean she drank the rest of it). Thats ok, she was working hard so she deserved it:)

And finally because we can live on smoothies and kale lemonade alone (at least I can't!) we had some  fresh strawberries that were getting a little too ripe so I made a quick fresh strawberry sauce to put over some Luna & Larry's vanilla coconut milk ice cream. Taste like summer!

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