Thursday, April 2, 2015

New finds at the store

Short post tonight - super stressful day today. Had to take Gabbie to an early morning doctors appointment then we headed straight from there over to Planet Organic to get a few things for the Easter long weekend. We have 3 days of family get togethers starting tomorrow at my sisters. I started taking pictures of the stuff I was making for tomorrow today but decided to keep it all for tomorrow's post and just show off a few things that I found today!

First up these Jovial chocolate cookies. I have switched over all my flours to organic heirlooms varieties that are freshly milled locally and one of the varieties that I get is an einkorn flour. So when I saw these cookies make from einkorn flour I had to grab them. We all tried them and gave them 2 thumbs up. 

Jovial also makes einkorn pasta which I'd love to try but I can't seem to find it locally. I'll have to ask Planet Organic if they can order some in for me.

Earth Balance white cheddar puffs! I don't know why I bought these because I never liked cheezies before I went vegan but you know how it is when you see a new vegan product! I'm sure the kids will polish them off if I don't eat my share but I did use to like white cheddar so make I'll like these too. They aren't exactly health food so a once in awhile treat for sure.

Late July Chia & Quinoa tortilla chips! I love chips - all chips! But i try to never buy the because if they are here I'll eat them simple as that. But I do really enjoy tortillas and pico de gallo and since I have a lot of pico leftover from tacos the other night.......I obviously had to buy these chips to make sure the pico doesn't go to waste!!!

And last but not least the girls needed some shampoo and I usually get them the Desert Essence brand. Gabbie picked out the green apple one (which is good because they do have fine hair and volume is always welcomed!). I love how nice and shiny their hair is after using this shampoo and conditioner and I love the ingredient list. I personally use the coconut body wash and its fabulous. Highly recommend! The nature clean cleaner I picked up to try for my floors and bathrooms (mostly the bathtubs). I love the combo of lime and tea tree so I'm hoping the smell sticks around a bit after i use them. I use the nature clean toliet cleaner and really like it so I have high hopes for this cleaner.

Thats it me for - I went to a yoga class tonight (first one this week!) so I'm off the clean up and hit the hay. 

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