Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Festivities - Day 1

Hey hey! Today kicks off 3 busy days of Easter festivities! Today was our annual Easter party at my sister's house. Its a family party but it also includes extended family on my mom's side as they all live pretty close by so its a pretty big group. I'm the oldest of 4 (and between the 4 of us we have 9 kids) plus my cousin meg and her 2 kids, my cousin drew and his son, my cousin steve and his 2 girls and a few aunts came too so there was probably almost 30 of us? A fun time for sure. There was an egg hunt (my sister filled plastic eggs with some vegan bunny gummies) and each kid had to find 3 to bring to the Easter Bunny and they Easter Bunny also gave them a giant thing of bubbles to play outside with. The kids played outside playing soccer and blowing bubbles. There was also a lunch which is what I was getting ready for yesterday. I brought a pasta salad (from The Vegan Table) and garlic and white bean dip with pita (from Chloe's Kitchen) and as well I made some cupcakes. My aunt made these awesome homemade vegan baked beans (she actually made two - one with meat and a separate vegan one for us!) and my cousin meg brought some veg and dip (I forgot i also brought some homemade vegan ranch dip for the veg)and she made these awesome vegan sweet potato brownies. Meg isn't vegan but she is dairy free and eats very little meat so she usually has something that is vegan friendly for us to eat. My brother brought lots of fresh fruit so we had lots to pick and choose from (who am I kidding there was no picking and choosing - we ate it all!) The kids had a blast and my aunt gave them each a hola hoop so once we got home they played for a few hours in the basement with their hola hoops.

The book I used for the cupcake recipes. Great book! The basic chocolate cake recipe in this book is outstanding - everyone asks for the recipe when I make it and my Dad has declared the best chocolate cake ever.

First up the gluten free vanilla cupcakes. My cousin has celiac's and although his son has tested negative for it they still keep him gluten free so I wanted to make some cupcakes for them. 

I also made the basic vanilla cupcakes as well from the book. I forgot to take a picture after I had decorated them but after you frost them you dye coconut different colours and put it on them and them you put 3 jelly beans on (I used the surf sweets variety). They kinda look like easter baskets went all is said and done. Honestly too much work for all of it and the kids really just ate the jelly beans off the top and the fruit my brother brought. Next year we are doing fruit and and bowl of jelly beans :)

Pasta salad from The Vegan Table. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Make it - you won't be sorry

Gabbie after she found her 3 eggs.

Very excited! Ollie was to busy getting in line to have her picture taken :(

Happy girls seeing the Easter Bunny.

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