Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good Eats Out

Last weekend we went to the autoshow with the girls and there was this balloon guy there. He asked the girls what if they wanted a balloon (of course they said YES!) and took request. Ollie asked for a dog which he made her (it was pretty cute he made balloon poop for the dog too!) and Gabbie asked for a minion but he couldn't make one of those so he made her a surprise instead. It took him awhile but......

it was worth the wait! How cute!!! The straps were a little tight on her so she ended up just carrying elmo around but he did a great job and the kids were super happy with them of course. After walking around for a few hours we decided to leave and grab some dinner on the way home. We try hard not to eat out too often (we try to keep it at one or twice a month tops) so it was a really treat to stop at one of our favourite thai restaurants. We got pad thai, stir fired veggies, a green bean and tofu red curry and steamed jasmine rice (oh and veggie spring rolls not pictured). It was all so good but the kids found the curry a little too spicy (Ollie especially - Gabbie ate a good portion of it) so the next day I had the leftovers with quinoa. Delicious!

Today I had to run to buy some more essential oils after running out last night (we got a new toy that I will photograph and show off tomorrow!) so I headed to Planet Organic to pick some up. When i left I saw the new Glow Juicery had opened up right next to the planet. So I popped in to see what they had. 

Of course I couldn't leave empty handed so I ended up getting a juice and a salad. It was close to lunch time after all :)

Look at the beautiful dark emerald green colour! 

First up the salad - it was a vegan kale ceased salad with coconut bacon on it. Really good and i would certainly have it again (and again and again!) In fact I plan on dropping Glow Juicery an email to tell them they show bottle their raw vegan ceaser dressing and sell it - I certainly buy it! As you can see even thought the container looked small it was quite a plate full of salad.

Next up is their Ener-g glow juice. It has spinach + cucumber + pear + celery + chlorophyll. It was good but a little to celery tasting for me. But it wasn't a problem to fix - when I got home I added the juice from one lemon to it and some ice since I like my juice really cold. It was really good but overall I prefer my vitamix whole food juices. I think after all the years I've been drinking them I just prefer the texture. But one of my best friends really prefers the texture of juice from her juicer over the vitamin so its really a personally preference thing. I also find I feel much more satisfied after a whole foods juice but my friend is a strong believer in fresh juice with all the fiber extracted so to each their own! I do enjoy a nice kale lemonade in the spring/summer and its kinda my treat it the hot weather because i really do try to keep the juice to a minimum. 

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