Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Festivities - Days 2 & 3

My goodness the last few days have been busy - I feel like a need a vacation from my vacation! Tomorrow is back to school after  spring break and Easter and I'm really sad about it. For some reason spring break didn't feel like much of a break. The countdown is on now for summer break!

Saturday we celebrated Easter with my family. I was lucky and didn't have to bring anything for supper but I did bring Dreena's creamy spinach artichoke dip with some crackers for a little pre dinner snack.

On Sunday we celebrated Easter with my husbands family. I brought a chickpea salad and a pasta salad. My nephew brought awesome cabbage rolls that he made vegan and there was a great cabbage asian cabbage salad and my MIL made a vegan stuffing. It was delicious and we went back for leftover tonight.

Off to bed to get ready for back to school tomorrow. So sad the kids are going back to school already :(

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