Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beautiful Spring Day and Using Up Leftovers

What a beautiful day it was outside today. Almost plus 20 and lots of sunshine. Spring is here and we are so excited! The girls spend time outside year round but of course the nicer it is outside the the more the are out there. And of course after a long winter its even harder to get them to come inside - they are just soaking up the sunshine and warm temperatures. Lots of walks, bike rides, playgrounds and picnics are in our future!

But there was no picnic for supper tonight. I had to clean out the fridge tonight and use up a few things before my big grocery shop at the farmers market on saturday morning. I had all the fixings for tacos so roasted chickpea tacos it was with homemade cashew sour cream and and lots of guacamole.  But i also had some cooked quinoa to use up and so the taco quinoa bowl was born. The kids and dh had regular tacos (with wraps) but I took the cooked quinoa, sprinkled it with some taco seasoning and warmed it up in a small pot with some black beans. Once it was nice and warm I put it in a bowl and added some pico de gallo, green onion, black olives, a generous scoop of guacamole and a good drizzle of cashew sour cream. This was really really good and quite honestly I really preferred this to a regular taco (wrap style). I'm very fussy about breads/wraps and usually I'll ditch the warp in favour of something else and i think I've found my something else. A new favourite for sure. Below is a picture of my bowl in all its glory!

Just a quick word on quinoa. We eat quite a bit of quinoa here - we all prefer it to rice. And lots of people says to me that they want to eat more quinoa but they don't know how to make it taste good. So here is my tip for cooking quinoa or any grain really. Flavour your cooking water - if the water taste good your quinoa/grain will too. I like to flavour my water with organic garlic powder, pink Himalayan salt and some fresh ground pepper. Its flavourful but still neutral so you can use leftover in a variety of ways. I can eat it as a side with supper then use leftovers to make a quinoa salad or a bowl or toss it in a green salad. Everyone who says they don't like quinoa likes it after they have tried it this way so give it a go and experiment with other flavours too. And don't forget to cook up a big batch to have leftovers. Having leftover grains and beans ready to go in the fridge makes for really easy lunches/dinners when your in a time crunch.I try really hard to eat healthy whole food meals but its tough when I don't have some good grab and go option. I;d love to hear any other ideas anyone has for making nutrient dense sole food meals really quick. Outdoor soccer is starting soon and time will be at a premium again in a few weeks. Can't wait for summer till we have a break from all the scheduled activities.

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