Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March showers bring April snow

Oh Mother Nature you are fickle - sunny and almost plus 20 yesterday most of the day then the dark skies and rain rolled in. I was sure we would wake up to snow this morning. After laying in bed for close to an hour listening to the wind howl I decided to get up a bit before 7am and tiptoe downstairs for a cup of coffee. I thought the joke was on me when I looked out the window and saw no snow only rain but less than an hour later the white stuff started coming down.....and down and down. 10cm worth. Ugh. And ridiculous winds - our power went out 3 times this morning. 

After some more spring cleaning we decided to head out to a movie (we were hoping the theatre had power since ours was out). We really wanted to see Home but when we got there it was sold out :( So the only other kids friendly movie playing at close to the same time was....Sponge Bob Square Pants - Sponge out of Water. I can't believe we actually paid money to see that movie. Oh my. But the kids found it pretty entertaining so it wasn't a total loss.

After leaving the theatre and making it home my Dad popped over for a visit with my niece. I wanted to make something quick that i could just pop in the oven while we visited so I made the Mac oh Geez from Let them Eat Vegan. See I told you we eat a lot of pasta!!!!

Awhile ago went I was at Planet Organic shopping with my Dad we saw this new pasta from a somewhat local company. Kaslo Sourdough Pasta makes quite a few different varieties of sourdough pastas. I really like the Semolina & Millet one and I used it to make the Mac Oh Geez. An added bonus of this sourdough pasta is that it cooks quick - no more than 5 min for the millet one - nice when time is of the essence! They have some cool info on their site about sourdough and gluten. Interesting stuff, if you have time they are well worth a read. 

Love that sauce (I made mine with a combo of raw cashews and raw almonds) and love the panko topping. That little crunch on top is so good!

I love to cook but I dread the same question I get virtually everyday after school - whats for supper? Inevitably half the time at least one person whines," I don't like that!" or "I don't feel like that for supper!" Feels like an insult sometimes when you spend time and effort planning and cooking a nice supper. And if there is something I don't like its meal planning - I like it because it makes my life a million times easier but every time I sit down to do it I draw a blank. So decided to put my Creative Director skills to use and start delegating some work. I gave the girls a few of our favourite cookbooks and told them to make a list of what looks good for lunches/dinners. I'm not sure I explained the project parameters to them well enough because Ollie brought me a 3 page list of desserts. After explaining it to her again she came back with an amendment to first list - another 2 pages of lunch/dinner options. She spent quite a bit of time doing it and she really seemed to enjoy it. Someone might just have a future in meal planning:) 

Ollie hard at work perusing Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. 

Gabbie started with The Vegan Table - not surprising since many of her favourite recipes are from there - the Pad Thai, Mushroom Gravy, Seared Asparagus with shallots and lime, Broccoli with Garlic and Cashews just to name a few. 

And of course Wilbur did his part too. 

Looking so cute is hard work!

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