Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tacos and first rain storm of the season!

Today was a beautiful day! Sunny and almost 20 degrees out! I took the kids to the park last night and they had a blast, I had to drag them out there after an hour because the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping but I promised them we would go back this morning. So of course Ollie was up bright and early at 7am(!) bed made, teeth brushed and dressed ready to go to the park. Not being the quietest of people she woke Gabbie up in the process. Guess who was up and drinking her first coffee of the day at 7:24 am this morning? So much for spring break and sleeping in!

Thats ok - nothing like an early start to the day, even if it's spring break! I told them we had to wait a bit before we hit the park, so they occupied themselves with some crafts while I got to work on a dreaded job - cleaning out their dressers/closets. Some people really enjoy organizing rooms and such - I am not one of those people. I like things to be organized I just don't like actually doing it. I also like the house to be clean but I don't actually like cleaning. But the house doesn't clean itself and neither do the kid's drawers. So I buckled down and cleaned out all their drawers and closets. Man these kids are growing! They have grown out of so many of their cloths! I packed it all up and sent my niece a text saying had I some cloths for her 2 little ones whenever she wanted to stop by and grab them. She decided she would come this afternoon for a visit and pick them up - perfect!

So with company coming in the afternoon we decided to head out to get some quality park time in before lunch. Kids had a blast again, its a really nice and popular park so there are lots of kids who go there to play. We are so lucky to live within a 10 minute walk of 6 really great parks but the one we went to today is a new park that just opened this school year so the kids are picking this one often to play at.

After playing at the park for awhile we headed home to have some lunch. Leftover roasted chickpea tacos from last night!

Happy girls hamming it up for the camera!

Hera is a picture of my taco - roasted chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, green onions, guac, cashew sour cream and pico de gallo. All on spelt wraps - hit the spot after a busy morning at the park!

Our visitors came and the kids played outside while the ladies had a visit. After they left the kids were getting a little tired so they decided to watch a new monster high movie thats on netflix while I got supper ready. Dh decided that since it was so nice out we should have our first veggie dogs of the season! We don't eat a lot of veggie dogs but we do love the field roast ones and I have a small stash of them in my freezer (one that note I did hear that they are indeed come back to Canada!!!!!!) so we broke out  apace to celebrate the first nice weather day of spring!

Of course this being Alberta about 5 minutes before we were going to start bbq'ing the sky got really dark so we hustled to get them on the bbq and just as we sat down to eat the wind started gusting and it started to pour. We just made it under the wire!

I took the dog for a short, quick walk after supper. Man it was windy and wet but we made it!

                                                               Drying off in a towel

Hasn't gotten out since!

Thunder is rumbling as I'm typing this. The kids are so excited - they think this means summer is here for sure. Boy will they be disappointed when they wake up to snow tomorrow!!!

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