Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Short post tonight - I did 2 yoga classes today and I'm feeling ready for bed lol!!!

I've always enjoyed yoga and tried to fit a class or 2 in a week but about a year ago the place here in town where i was taking classes shut down. I was so sad to see my local yoga classes ending and to see a small independent store go out of business. Hy husband has been encouraging me for awhile now to go back to yoga and i had looked at a few places in the city but the drive was terribly convenient. Then about a month ago I heard that a new yoga place was opening here in town. They are offering a wide variety of classes and lots of different times so today I had the opportunity to do 2 classes - one a 9am and one at 5:30. They were awesome and so different from each other. This mornings class was more of a vinyasa flow classes. It got the heart rate up and I was sweating a bit. This evening class was slower, more intense stretching, long lines, deep slow breathing. It was heavenly. The evening class is more of what I am looking for in a yoga class but the morning class was good to because it pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit.

Feeling very zen right now - life in general is feeling pretty balanced and calm. Even though we've had some real ups and downs this month taking the time out of my day to breath deep and let go has really helped keep things in perspective.