Friday, January 9, 2015

Quick friday night supper

So the first week back to school has been rough. Mostly its been tough getting back into that routine. The super cold temperatures hasn't help either. Getting out of bed in the morning has been challenging to say the least. And Ollie has a 8:30am soccer game tomorrow morning so no sleeping in tomorrow morning. Bummer.

But its friday and we were looking so forward to the end of this long, cold week. But at the end of a long, cold week I didn't feel like over exerting myself in the kitchen. In fact I felt like doing the bare minimum but as always we wanted to eat good healthy food.

Pasta is always a huge hit with the girls. Always! In fact they would eat pasta every day if they could. What can I say - the apples don't fall far from the tree. Pasta is a top 5 favourite food for me too. Pasta is also quick and easy to prepare and tonight quick and easy fit the bill. But with a few pantry items you can have an awesome supper on the table in no time with very little effort.

First up the pasta....

I usually shop at the Italian Centre for my pasta, olive oil, crushed tomatoes, etc.They have a great selection of high quality ingredients at a good price. The kids get super excited over different shaped pastas and this spelt ditali is a crowd pleaser in this house. Cooks in about 10 minutes and taste great.

But of course great pasta needs a great sauce. And I've certainly used a jarred sauce from time to time but our favourite sauce is so simple to make its rare we have to open a jarred sauce.

Behold the ingredients to a simple tomato sauce that tastes fantastic! Tomatoes are of course the main ingredient so you need great tasting tomatoes and really you can't get better than Pomito tomatoes (unless its July/August and you have your own roma tomato plant). These tomatoes taste so fabulous you could eat them out of the box - no joke! Also in my last post I mentioned that BPA is a big deal at this house. We really try to stay away from canned items, especially tomatoes. These tomatoes are in a carton and are BPA free! No salt or sugar either - just 100% italian tomatoes. Add them to a pot with 2 or 3 large cloves of garlic that are cut in half only. You let the large pieces of garlic simmer in the sauce then you pull them out at the end. I let the sauce simmer for about an hour while I was folding/putting away laundry and doing dishes. At the end I fished out the large pieces of garlic and added some salt (depends on how much you like, a few pinches for me) and a swirl of olive oil (the olive oil really adds a lovely mouth feel to the sauce) and a handful of chopped fresh basil and your done! 

And the finished product.....

Doesn't that look good?! I'm telling you it tasted fantastic, the kids were literally cheering when they came to the table. They are excited to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I served it with a nice big green salad and with really minimal effort we had a really tasty and relaxing supper to end the week.

I had to sneak an extra picture of my salt bowl in - its it pretty! When we were in Langley this summer for a wedding we stopped in the old district near Fort Langley to shop around the little stores and I found this little gem by a local pottery maker. I love the metallic sparkles in the paint. Its perfect for putting my pink himalayan salt in. So easy to reach in a grab a pinch of salt! 

Stay warm everyone and Happy Friday!!!!!!

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