Thursday, September 4, 2014

What we've been eating

A few months back at the store I saw these sprouted quinoa chia burgers calling my name. I try to make all of our veggie burger patties but sometimes you need a quick supper and last spring Ollie was playing outdoor soccer which meant 2 nights a week we needed to eat an pretty early supper to but out the door for soccer practice/games. Paired with the silver hills sprouted hamburger buns they were pretty tasty and decently healthy.

The burgers.

The buns.

The patty.

The verdict - two thumbs up!

A dinner made just for me - sauteed dino kale, roasted tamari chickpeas, sauteed mushrooms with a garlic cashew cream sauce. Sometimes trying to clean out the fridge taste really good!

These also tasted pretty good - nachos! I made a taco "meat" with lentils (cooked in my pressure cooker) and mixed them with taco seasoning, tortilla chips, chopped tomatoes, green onions, daiya cheddar shreds, pico, guac, cashew sour cream and a sprinkle of cilantro. 

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