Monday, September 1, 2014

What its mofo already?!

Today I'm feeling really behind because tomorrow is back to school and of course I feel totally unprepared for it (even thought I have all their school stuff ready to go).  Then I find out mofo starts today - what?! I thought it started October first. Now I feel double behind :(

No matter - I have a million food pics stored up. But I have none ready to go at this very moment (like i said I thought I had a whole month to get ready!) But I do have a recipe link to share with you! Tonight I made the Crispy Quinoa Cakes from Oh She Glows. These are so good and so easy to make. I highly recommend them. Gabbie said they weren't her favourite but Ollie gave them 2 thumbs up and so do I. Gabbie ate hers with ketchup and said she started to like them more towards the end so we'll see what she says next time I make them. I'm liking them so much I might make them for Thanksgiving this year.

I'm off to finish the last few things for back to school tomorrow.  Good night!

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