Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today was a beautiful warm day so to kick off our earth day celebrations we enjoyed a sunny walk to school this morning. The girls always take a snack in either their planetboxes if they bring a lunch to school or a reuseable container if they are coming home for lunch (which is more often than not these days)  but today they decided to bring an apple and banana for a snack - something that had its own compostible wrapper :)

As I mentioned above the girls are often coming home for lunch which has actually been really nice for me. Its easier to make them something at home for lunch than to pack a lunch for them in the morning. Plus I feel like the benefit from having a break from school for a bit. They don't get to come home every day but 3 or 4 days of the week they do. I often give them leftovers for lunch. Last night they wanted tacos for dinner so we had roasted chickpeas with all the fixings (chapped tomatoes, green onions, guac, salsa, black olives and lettuce).  Today for lunch they opted to have all the taco fillings on a plate and scoop it up with organic tortilla chips. I have noticed that since they come home for lunch they are eating a lot more at lunch. They also had some organic strawberries and watermelon on the side.

For dinner I was going to make the pad thai from the vegan table with the sauteed asparagus from the same book. Unfortunately when I went to prep the asparagus it was all slimy and funky :(  We had really been looking forward to it - we haven't had that recipe for quite some time and we thought it would be a treat for earth day. So we had our pad thai with some broccolini and it was really good. I was going to make roasted tamari chickpeas to go on top but I realized that we had already had chickpeas in our tacos from lunch and thought the kids might not be too happy with that so instead I made some gardein chickin fingers on the side. What can I say - we try to eat whole foods all the time but sometimes in a pinch....

Yesterday at Costco I picked up the Oh She glows cookbook. After flipping through it the girls picked out the chocolate pudding cake recipe as the first to try. Apparently we had to have a special dessert to celebrate Earth Day (any excuse for dessert!). I was a little unsure when I put it in the oven but it came out awesome!

With a little scoop of vanilla coconut milk ice cream on the top it was fabulous. I found it super rich and only had a few bites but it was great and I would certainly make it again for guest. It felt like a decadent dessert so if you wanted to make something that will impress give this one a whirl. There is a gluten free brownie recipe in the book that looks fantastic so I plan on making that one very soon.