Saturday, November 9, 2013


Ugh - its been a long time since I did a post no?! I don't know why i find it so daunting to sit down and edit my photos for the blog but I do and that is why I usually fall off the blogging wagon. But I'm determined to get through the back log of pics that I have - including my Thanksgiving pics (I'm cringing - I worked so hard to make sure i got pics of everything and I STILL haven't done a thanksgiving post a month later!)

Anyways on with the food! Even though its still technically fall here we have snow so it feels like winter. And when the colder weather comes I get bit hard by the baking bug. My kids are really digging pumpkin things lately so I made them some pumpkin spice donuts. They were a success! 

I was also making some treats for their lunch boxes. I try to send a pretty colourful, healthy lunch but i like to send a treat everyday too. I made the oatmeal raisin cookies from ED&BV and added some mini chocolate chips in. Yummy and certainly healthier than many cookie recipes out there!

But we can't live off of baked goods alone. We were running low on groceries but I managed to scrap together and fairly decent dinner - roasted tamari chickpeas, steamed broccoli, quinoa and I made the sauce from the Cashew Garlic Broccoli from The Vegan Table to drizzle over the bowls. The sauce is such a hit in out family - you could put it on anything and my kids would eat it!

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