Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

We are running off our feet getting ready for Thanksgiving over here. I had a plan to be all organized this past week then life happened - my youngest got hit with a stomach bug. She was home sick Tuesday throwing up and then just when i thought she was better she had a way too busy day Thursday and was puking again at 11pm that night. So she was home Friday from school and devasted about it because her class was making apple crisp that day (her teacher even got earth balance to make it so Ollie could eat it too!) and i have been up to my ears in laundry and shampooing the carpet in her room.

Needless to say we have been busting tail today cleaning the house for our 25(!) guest tomorrow. Actually I was in the kitchen most of the day and dh was doing a good share of the cleaning. Give that guy a spray bottle with water& vinegar and watch him go! I did the bathrooms and kept the laundry going but he eradicated every particle of dust from our house.

I'm excited for tomorrow despite all the craziness for the last couple of days. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday!