Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September!

Well hello there! Its been so long since I've posted it feels a little weird to be doing this again! So what have I been doing in my absence? Enjoying the summer mostly! But school is right around the corner so its time to get back on track. By June I was so looking forward to the break from routine and we really enjoyed doing whatever we wanted to whenever we wanted to this summer but its time for a little more routine (says half of me, the other half hates routine - always has, always will! But its better for the kids ;) 

Speaking of summer here are a few pics of our eats. We didn't grow much in the garden this year but our strawberries did excellent! Everyday we would get at least a bowlful of beautiful ruby red berries. So fabulous straight from the garden!

We also used some of those strawberries to make my favourite dessert - strawberry rhubarb crisp!

But we can't live on crisp alone (unfortunaely)! I didn't make a meal plan even once this summer so most nights I was winging it. Below is quesadillas made with hummus, green onions, and avocado steamed green beans and roasted sweet potatoe wedges. 

Back to the strawberry bounty we also made some awesome fruit salads for breakfast with them. Here is a pic from a breakfast with fruit salad and cinnamon toast. We like the Ali's Alpine bread from Silver Hills for our cinnamon toast.

The other night hubby was working late so I took the girls to see Planes at the movie theatre and then out for dinner. They choose Famoso for pizza which worked for me! We shared the veggie primavera pizza which is a white pizza (olive oil and garlic for the sauce) with roasted cremini mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red onion, kalamata olives, and roasted red peppers. Famoso has Daiya cheese but we really prefer our pizza's cheeseless so the girls opted to add avocado to the pizza. It was pretty good! The also have excellent sorbetto there and one of their summer flavours is strawberry rhubarb so.....

Thats all for know kids - we are in full getting ready for back to school mode over here so I still have some work I want to get done tonight. 

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