Monday, March 4, 2013

Here I am!

Well that was a much longer break than I had planned on taking! February was a blur of school field trips, birthday parties, making pancakes (vegan of course!!!) for the girls' classes, snowshoeing, skating, sledding - you name it we've been doing! But fear not - we've still been cooking up yummy vegan meals - I've been trying to take pictures so prepare some longish posts. We've also been making some other changes around here that I will share soon but for right now I wanted to see if any of you have seen on Facebook the post from Daiya Foods talking about some new products they are debuting soon. I am so excited! It looks like 3 new products and I am so hoping that they are feta and cream cheese. Lots of other people have been guessing/hoping for cheese slices, cheese strings and sour cream - sour cream would be my third pick for sure! I try to stay away from processed foods but I will confess my love for field roast (LOVE their sausages and hot dogs!) and daiya cheese. I don't eat these foods daily but I sure do enjoy them when I do eat them!

Any guesses what the new Daiya products will be? What are you hoping for?