Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving eats!

I know this is long overdue been its been a chaotic week! Sadly we had a serious camera problem on Thanksgiving so I grabbed my iphone and did the best I could. The day went really well and I'm glad that I started prepping as many days in advance as I did - it made the actually day go so smoothly. We ended up going out for brunch that morning and I really wish I hadn't gone because it took forever for our food to come and it was really time I could have spent at home finishing everything and giving myself some more time to get ready and relax.

As always I have to thank my superstar SIL Shelley - she did so much in the kitchen to help me with the cooking and dishes. It was nice to have someone in the trenches with me and as a bonus she is not vegan but she is a rockstar vegan chef when the occasion calls for it. Everytime we go to my bro and sil's house they always make sure there are vegan versions of anything that is not vegan so we always have plenty to eat. They actually follow Dr. Fuhrman's eating plans most of the time so they eat vegan fairly often.

Anyways on to the food! I didn't grab a picture of everything but I tried to snap as many as I could. My family is quite large with lots of little children so it can get chaotic at times.

The first pic is roasted shredded brussel sprouts and cippolini onions - hands down my favourite dish! I also made a double batch of the white bean and leek cassoulet from vcon - my Dad thought this was fabulous and had 3 servings! I made Mama Pea's Meatless Meatloaf but I always put it in muffin tins to make mini meatloafs. My Dad and brother chowed down on these as well. The mushroom gravy from the Vegan Table is always a huge hit, its the best gravy I have ever had and its the only gravy I make. The stuffing was also Mama Pea's recipe - its made with sprouted whole grain bread (I used Silver Hills Ali's Alpine), field roast apple sage sausages, celery and onions, veg broth and some poultry seasoning. Really good and we enjoyed the left overs for a few days. I also made some sweet potatoes because I like them better than white potatoes. Not pictured but also made was steamed broccoli with garlic butter and cashews (my sil made this for the diner and it was excellent as usual), and mashed potatoes (I always puree white beans with some onion powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper and add it with some warm almond milk. It makes them rich and creamy and adds some protein and fibre). 

For dessert I made a cranapple crisp served with Luna & Larry's Vanilla coconut milk ice cream and I made the pumpkin cake with creamy mallow frosting from LTEV.

Can we talk about this cake for a minute. I wanted to make something pumpkin but didn't want to do a pie so the cake was a perfect choice. I remember seeing pictures of it on Dreena's blog a few years back before LTEV was out and thinking I would make it once I got the recipe. I decided to make it as a 9x13 instead of 2 round cakes. I made the recipe as written and baked it for 28 minutes. I made the frosting a few nights before and keep it in the fridge till right before serving. So was it worth the wait? I couldn't tell you because 7 little girls ate the entire 9x13 cake in 30 minutes! They had 3rds and 4ths! I couln't believe my eyes! Needless to say i will make that one again next year!

I did make it a second time this week so I could have a taste and boy is it excellent! In fact we ate 4/5ths of the cake that night! I probably should be ashamed about that but I'm not - its so good! If you haven't made it do your self a favour and make it asap. You won't be disappointed!

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trina said...

I love Thanksgiving! This all looks so comforting.