Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Recap

I know it seems like a weird time to do a summer recap since its well into September but since this saturday fall offically starts I thought it was an appropriate time to do this. here are some pics from a great summer!

It was a very hot summer here this year! We had lots of heat and rainstorms many mights of the week which went we also had a lot of humidity. So we really needed to keep cool this summer and there were times it was too hot to eat so we did the best we could. Above is a picture of our lunch one day - banana peach "ice cream" made in the food processor. Quick and cool it fit the bill!

Also on the menu was cherry slurpies. DH and I aren't slurpie people so its not something our ids really ask for but when i saw this recipe I knew I would make it in the summer. Needless to say we made it many many times this summer and it was so good!

Of course one of my favourites things about summer is the farmers market. We certainly ate our share of awesome fresh produce this summer (and we grew some of our own too but more on that later!)

We kept cool and played with friends and our cousins. Here is Gabbie with my nephew Noah going down the water slide at grandma and grandpa's house. DH helped my parents build a front deck on their house this year and it was a very hot weekend, hence the water slide.

And of course Ollie had a blast keeping cool that weekend as well. Those two could spend every minute outside from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. And this summer the weather was so nice they could do that!

Of course we went to our favourite festival of the summer - Heritage Days! I believe there was over 65 countries there this year. Each country has a pavilion and they usually have arts and crafts set up on display and food for sale. We ate over 100 tickets worth of food in two days this year! It was an awesome weekend and we so look forward to it every year.  This dragon was from the Korean pavilion and there was 5 different coloured ones that went dancing around the park. The girls loved it! We also loved the Irish dancers, Korean sword display, the Caribbean dancing, 

And last with all that awesome summer produce we made our first fridge pickles! They turned out so well - we were very impressed. I had leftover brine so I decided to try fridge pickled carrots and they worked too!

There is one other big thing we did this summer and that was a week long road trip to a wedding in Mission B.C. I've decided to do that in a separate post because this one was long enough and I wanted to talk more about how easy it was traveling vegan with two young children. I learned a few tips that I will certainly use every vacation we take from now on!

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