Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello there!!! Sorry for my long absence - but I have a good excuse. I have been very busy working on this....

My new garden!!! I have been wanting to put one in since we moved here 5 years ago but it just seemed like something always got in the way. Knowing how much I wanted a garden my Mom's fabulous friend Stephen came over with his rototiller on my birthday weekend and together we removed some grass them he fired up the rototiller and we put the boxes together and volia - my garden was born! DH used some bricks someone gave us to clean up around the boxes and give me a place to put my herb and tomatoe pots. 

So what are growing in the garden? Several varieties of lettuce and carrots, zucchinis, spaghetti squash, chard, strawberries, broccoli, radishes, green onions, several different kales, chinese cabbage, new zealand spinach, a honeydew melon plant and pumpkins. I think thats it! I also planted watermelons but they didn't come up so I think I'll plant something else in that spot. All our seeds are organic heirloom seeds so I'm pretty excited to see what some up! Here is some more pics.

Here are the tomatoe plants - We have black krim, nebraska wedding & san marzano. All heirloom varieties!

Herbs! Chives, cilantro, basil, dill and parsley.

A jalapeno plant - I'm hoping to make some pico de gallo!

The kids were so excited to see this strawberry! 

We also planted 3 raspberry bushes. So far they are looking good!

And of course we needed some blueberries. We have 4 bushes.

Thats all the garden goodness for now. We have 2 blackberry bushes on order - hopefully they come in. We are also thinking about planting so black munger raspberries but we'll see. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the garden as the summer goes so!

The other day Ollie celebrated 100 days of preschool and the teacher asked the kids what they wanted for a special snack and they voted for pancakes. Her teacher was worried about making ones suitable for Ollie but I told her not to worry that I would stay that day and help out. I made a big batch of the pancakes from the joy of vegan baking and just kept the dry separate from the wet. I made them with spelt as usual and I brought blueberries to put in them. They turned out great - the kids put one pretzel stick one the pancake along with 2 banana slices each to make a 100 on their pancakes - it was so cute and they gobbled them up!

That day was kind of cool and damp so I decided to make pizza for supper that night. I used the pizza dough from 100 best vegan baking recipes. It was really simple to put together and it turned out great even thought i used spelt flour. We each had our own personal pizza that night here is a pic of mine.

I had pineapple, black olives, roasted chickpeas, onions & green peppers topped with some pepperjack daiya. It was so good! 

See doesn't that look super good?!