Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Only time for a quick post tonight - lets get right to it!

Sometimes supper is just leftovers and sometimes we really don't feel like having the same thing for supper (again). So the other night we reinvented our leftovers and it turned out really well! I took some leftover quinoa, chopped tomatoes, green onions, hummus, roasted chickpeas and some pepperjack daiya and rolled it all up in a whole grain tortilla and put it in the panini press and volia - supper was ready!  We had it with a green salad and I used guac as my dressing just because!

I needed to make some cupcakes the other day for a spring party so I made the orange cake from LTEV but I swapped the orange for lemon and they turned out fabulous! But they weren't ready yet....

I found these at Planet Organic awhile ago and was excited to try them but they were a bit pricey so I needed a good excuse to buy them. I needed to dye some coconut for my cupcakes so excuse found!

I saw a picture of some flower cupcakes online and thought it was a great decorating idea for spring cupcakes! I dyed some coconut yellow and pink and stuck in some lollipops and used some fresh mint leaves I had in the fridge to finish them off. They don't look anywhere near as good as the picture I found online but they tasted great and the kids were highly impressed!

And last but certainly not least these are a picture of unbaked cream cheese brownies from LTEV. As you can see I didn't quite get the top brownie layer all spread everywhere but they still turned out awesome. I was unsure how good the cream cheese layer would taste but it was phenomenal! These barley lasted a day in my house. If you have LTEV make these asap!