Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My new addition to the kitchen

I know some people think new years resolutions are kinda dorky but I love them! You can make a change anytime of the year you want but I always feel some extra motivation in the new year to make some personal improvements. And this year there was a change I have been wanting to make for some time now but I knew to do it I was going to need some help.

Meet the help.

Yep I bought a dehydrator! And what kind of help does it offer you maybe be asking yourself? Two words - chips and crackers. Yes we love our chips and crackers and we try to not eat them too much but unfortunately not too much was happening way more than we would like to have admitted. And sure we bought the organic kind and told ourselves it was better than the non organics but deep down we knew we were just fooling ourselves. We needed to do something different - and I knew what the answer was. So I saved all my pennies and bought a dehydrator. And now we feast on kale chips and soon (hopefully) on flax crackers. And how do they compare to our old favs? We love them - I actually prefer kale chips to potatoe chips. And this is not to say I will never again eat a potatoe chip but as long as these are around I'll pick the kale chips every time - they are that good! I always made kale chips in the oven and they were good but not like a dehydrated kale chip - they are out of this world! I have made the sour cream and onion kale chips from Thrive Foods many times now and they are superb! Here is a pick below.

See how nice and crispy they look - and they taste even better! I plan on making some crackers too just haven't gotten around to getting some more paraflexx sheets yet. Overall I think the dehydrator has been a great investment and I look forward to make more things in it but even if all we use it for are kale chips it was worth the purchase!

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Lauren (PB&G) said...

I got my Excalibur for Christmas last year and LOVE IT! I haven't gotten any Paraflex sheets yet, but I can't wait to make nacho kale chips and fruit roll ups when I do!

Those kale chips look fantastic!