Sunday, February 26, 2012

Double Duty

Its been a crazy busy week this past week. My baby turned 5 (!!!) last Monday and we had all our family here for a party, which was great. She has been really wanting to go see Big Miracle at the theatre ever since we saw a preview for it when we saw the Muppet Movie during Christmas break. Every time the theme song came on the radio she'd make sure she mentioned how much she wanted to see it. So we surprised her on her birthday by taking her to see it. She loved it - we all did. Good thing we had such a great long weekend because our washing machine broke and if you read this blog at all you know I do a lot of laundry so the long weekend turned into a long week (and not the good kind).

So it was a good thing I had planned to make chickpea sensation patties from ED&BV for dinner one night this past week. Those patties are not only delicious but they are versatile too. Leftovers become veggie burgers, I love leftovers that are like a completely different meal!

Here is a pic of our veggie burgers. Please ignore the white buns - there was a snow storm here over the weekend and these were the only vegan buns I could find at the store by my house.

If you have not made these put them on your to make list. They are easy to make and they make a lot , I think i got 18 patties out of my recipe. I do make a few of them on the smaller side - the girls like mini burgers so I keep some small for that reason. They are awesome on there own but they make a really tasty veggie burger as well. Much cheaper than from the store and its nice to know exactly what is in your food (even thought there are some frozen veggie burgers i don't mind and we will by from time to time).


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My new addition to the kitchen

I know some people think new years resolutions are kinda dorky but I love them! You can make a change anytime of the year you want but I always feel some extra motivation in the new year to make some personal improvements. And this year there was a change I have been wanting to make for some time now but I knew to do it I was going to need some help.

Meet the help.

Yep I bought a dehydrator! And what kind of help does it offer you maybe be asking yourself? Two words - chips and crackers. Yes we love our chips and crackers and we try to not eat them too much but unfortunately not too much was happening way more than we would like to have admitted. And sure we bought the organic kind and told ourselves it was better than the non organics but deep down we knew we were just fooling ourselves. We needed to do something different - and I knew what the answer was. So I saved all my pennies and bought a dehydrator. And now we feast on kale chips and soon (hopefully) on flax crackers. And how do they compare to our old favs? We love them - I actually prefer kale chips to potatoe chips. And this is not to say I will never again eat a potatoe chip but as long as these are around I'll pick the kale chips every time - they are that good! I always made kale chips in the oven and they were good but not like a dehydrated kale chip - they are out of this world! I have made the sour cream and onion kale chips from Thrive Foods many times now and they are superb! Here is a pick below.

See how nice and crispy they look - and they taste even better! I plan on making some crackers too just haven't gotten around to getting some more paraflexx sheets yet. Overall I think the dehydrator has been a great investment and I look forward to make more things in it but even if all we use it for are kale chips it was worth the purchase!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fancy Dinner Vegan Style!

Sorry for my long blog break - 2012 has been an awesome but busy year so far!

This is way late but I thought I'd so a quick post on how we celebrated the arrival of 2012. We don't usually go out on New Years - we prefer to do family things. A couple of years we've been invited to kid friendly house parties and those have been a blast but the last few years we've just stayed home. This year I thought we'd do something a little different with the kids and decided to bring out the fancy china for a special new years dinner. Below is a few pics from that night.

Ready to start eating - they we're super excited to have candles and no lights. They felt very grown up!

Our first course was a green salad with cucumbers, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries with the Apple Cider vinaigrette from Vive (I think it was from vive - Dreena's recipe anyways!) We also had some toasted baguette with olive tapenade.

Second course was a homemade butternut squash soup. It was a new recipe I tried and it was quite good! Our third course was pasta but for some reason I didn't get a picture of that - guess I was too busy eating!

And for dessert I made brownies with vanilla coconut milk ice cream. No one complained!

It was fun to do something like that with the kids now that they are getting older. Every course someone took a turn making a toast and a wish for the new year.

So whats kept me so busy I had no time to blog? December was so hectic I took some time to just spend with the girls and DH plus DH was working a job that had to be done off hours which meant he was working nights and weekends and sleeping when he could during the day so it was a very odd 3 weeks for us. I've also been doing a lot of reading lately - has anyone read Super Immunity by Dr. Fuhrman? EXCELLENT book - if you haven't read it I highly recommend it!

I also got something new that I have been wanting for a long time now but I'm saving that for my next post - don't worry it won't be 2 months from now, I already have my pics ready to go for it!