Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Recap

I know this is pretty late but I wanted to make sure I got this pictures posted. Halloween is always such a crazy busy day and this year was no exception. The day before was beautiful and the kids had a blast doing up their pumpkins. We were going crave some cool designs into them but our craving knife broke so I just let the girls use markers and draw on their scary faces. They loved it and I think we might go that route again next year.

Halloween day was filled with lots of excitment. Ollie had her party at the preschool in the morning so i stayed for that. It was lots of fun - they did halloween crafts, played boo bingo and their teacher read them halloweiner (which was a book that Ollie brought in to share with the class. its a really cute halloween story and we've read it almost every night in sept/oct!).

After Ollie's party was done we oicked up lunch and went to Gabbie's school. We had lunch with her at school and I dropped off cupcakes for her school party. She had a halloween parade in the gym that Ollie and I stayed for to watch and then she had a party in her classroom. Then it was home to relax for a few hours before we had a quick dinner of split pea & barley soup and out the door trick or treating. The kids had a good time getting their candy which they left for the halloween fairy. She left them each a book, bookmark and a few vegan candies and they were thrilled!

Halloween was a little extended this year because the kids had no school they next day (they never do - its always a pd day) and our group had a playdate the next day. The kids dressed up again in their costumes and my friend had some halloween crafts for them to do and I went grocery shopping that day and they had all the leftover pumpkins out for free so i grabbed a whole bunch of smaller ones for the kids to take to the party so all the kids could decorate them with markers and stickers. it was a fun filled 2 days but i'm glad its over now because it wore me right out!

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