Monday, November 7, 2011

What we're eating

With the colder weather coming I've been making a lot of soup. I like soup because its so versatile - you really don't need a recipe just start with some carrots/celery/onions and some veggie broth and go from there. I like to pair legumes and grains for a hearty and healthy meal. Plus it only requires one pot to cook so it makes after dinner clean up easier!

One of our favs is the Monkey minestrone from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. The kids aren't too fond of tomatoe based soups but they love this one. I use kidney beans and navy beans and the tinkyada little dreams rice pasta. The kids love the different little shapes and it think it holds up well in the soup. Below is a pic of my bowl from the other night.

Since the soup comes together so fast I try to pair it up with a few different sides since i have extra time. This time i made some kale chips, pita and hummus and babaganosh and veggies & dip.

Here the table shot with all the goodies out for the picking. I find the kids eat a pretty good variety of foods when served this way.

Of course some nights we feel like pizza and we often make pita pizza (as you've seen many, many times on this blog!) but now we have another choice - Famoso! They make the best crust in the world and they have daiya cheese as their vegan cheese! So after a crazy saturday of running errands and the kids to birthday parties we decided to treat ourselves to some of their awesome pizza!

I can't remember the name of the one i had but it was loaded with artichoke hearts, peppers, kalamata olives, sauteed mushrooms, red onion and daiya. So good!

The kids opted to have a simplier pizza. Marinara, pineapple and green olives with fresh basil. simple but good!

Halloween Recap

I know this is pretty late but I wanted to make sure I got this pictures posted. Halloween is always such a crazy busy day and this year was no exception. The day before was beautiful and the kids had a blast doing up their pumpkins. We were going crave some cool designs into them but our craving knife broke so I just let the girls use markers and draw on their scary faces. They loved it and I think we might go that route again next year.

Halloween day was filled with lots of excitment. Ollie had her party at the preschool in the morning so i stayed for that. It was lots of fun - they did halloween crafts, played boo bingo and their teacher read them halloweiner (which was a book that Ollie brought in to share with the class. its a really cute halloween story and we've read it almost every night in sept/oct!).

After Ollie's party was done we oicked up lunch and went to Gabbie's school. We had lunch with her at school and I dropped off cupcakes for her school party. She had a halloween parade in the gym that Ollie and I stayed for to watch and then she had a party in her classroom. Then it was home to relax for a few hours before we had a quick dinner of split pea & barley soup and out the door trick or treating. The kids had a good time getting their candy which they left for the halloween fairy. She left them each a book, bookmark and a few vegan candies and they were thrilled!

Halloween was a little extended this year because the kids had no school they next day (they never do - its always a pd day) and our group had a playdate the next day. The kids dressed up again in their costumes and my friend had some halloween crafts for them to do and I went grocery shopping that day and they had all the leftover pumpkins out for free so i grabbed a whole bunch of smaller ones for the kids to take to the party so all the kids could decorate them with markers and stickers. it was a fun filled 2 days but i'm glad its over now because it wore me right out!