Wednesday, October 5, 2011

vegan MOFO Day 5 - TLT'S

Wednesdays are a super busy day for us so suppers are usually pretty relaxed. I started the day off with a trip to Planet Organic for a few goodies. Today I scored some more coconut milk yougurt (strawberry, vanilla and plain), some organic cauliflower, organic strawberries, organic raspberries, organic salba, organic apples, some tempeh bacon, earth balance, some vanilla coconut milk, organic pears, organic tomatoes, organic oatmeal, and a few lara bars (they were on sale).

And i couldn't resist picking up some of these red bananas to try. Pretty cute! Too bad their hard as rocks. I'll wait awhile and hopefully they soften up. or are they suppose to be hard? Does anyone know?

Like I mentioned wednesdays are really busy for us so supper tonight was some tlt's (tempeh, lettuce and tomatoe) on silver hills sprout whole grain bread with a side of kale chips. I added some guacamole to mine which really takes it over the top imo.

Not the fanciest dinner but everyone was pretty happy with it! Of course both kids had to have a pickle on the side - thats what takes it "over the top" in their opinion!

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