Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan MOFO Day 4 - Treats from Karmavore

Last week Karmavore had a 40% off sale and I figured it was the perfect time to order a few things i had been wanting to try.

Sorry for the terrible photo - I tried to arrange it so you could see everything. I ordered 3 of the Food for Lovers Vegan Queso. Has anyone tried this yet? I've heard great things about it! Also I got some vegan jello in strawberry, lemon and raspberry, some sweet and sara mini marshmallows (perfect for hot chocolate!), a Bonvita rice milk chocolate bar with coffee crisp and as an extra special treat for myself a box of assorted nuts and chews chocolates.

I'm excited for all of it but I'm really excited to try the queso. I love spicy food. I use to get the Natural Desserts vegan jello from Karmavore and it was excellent but they don't carry it anymore so I'm also excited to try the new brand their carrying. I'll report back on what I think!

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Sophia said...

What a good loot, and super cute kids to boot! :)
I wish that coconut milk yogurt was available in my area. Sounds so good.