Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here I am!

We we're feeling like a treat the other day and I was looking back at an old post on Dreena's blog about Maple Banana loaf and as luck would have it I had all the ingredients so we decided to try it. Except when i went to bake it i realized i don't have a loaf pan! I know I use to have one so I'm not too sure what happened to it - good excuse to treat myself to a new one i guess! So instead we had Maple Banana muffins. I made one addition to the recipe (other than changing it into muffins) and that was to add some chocolate chips. They were excellent muffins and i liked that they really used very little oil. They were very moist though!

The other night I felt like pancakes so I set everything out for the morning so i could make blueberry pancakes for breakfast, I always use the pancake recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking. Its such a simple recipe and the pancakes turn out great every single time. I always use spelt flour and I add a little extra (1 cup of whole wheat flours = about 1 1/4 cup of spelt). They turned out perfect (this recipe really is foolproof - try it if you haven't!) and it was a really treat for a weekday breakfast.

Quinoa is so good for you and so fast to make I like to use it whenever I can. One way I incorporate it into our meals is with a stirfry. We also really like brown basmati rice so I don't use it every time we have a stirfry but I like to alternate our grains. this strifry is a simple one of broc, onions, mushrooms and a crumbled up smoked apple sage field roast sausage. I make a simple sauce of tamari, grayed fresh ginger, grated garlic, rice wine vinegar, toasted seseame oil and a touch of sugar. Delish!

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