Friday, May 20, 2011

Pita Pizzas

The weather has finally been nice here and we're taking full advantage of it! Lots of walks and bike rides and stops at the playground. Of course since we've been taking advantage of the nice weather and spending so much time outside I've neglected a lot of the indoor stuff that still needs to be done so I spend evenings trying to catch up on all of that. I'll be glad when school is done - we are all looking forward to a break! I'm tired of the same get up, make lunches, get out the door routine and I know the kids are too. Bring on summer!

Due to my daytime laziness we've been in need of some quick suppers. I've been keeping a lot of salads on hand in the fridge (bean salads, grain salads, green salads, etc) and veggies and dip too and something that has been popular lately had been pita pizzas.

Heres a picture of mine from the other day. It has sauteed organic mushrooms, olives, yellow peppers, onions, pineapple and fresh tomatoe slices all topped of with pepperjack daiya. If you have not tried the pepperjack daiya yet get thee to the store stat! Its fantastic on pretty much everything and makes the best nachos ever!

I like to make my own pizza crust but I find it so simply and handy to have some whole wheat pitas on hand (I usually keep a pack in the freezer) and they make a nice personal size pizza that everyone can personalize themselves.

What is your favourite quick supper?


Catherine said...

I haven't made pita pizzas in ages! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Lately, my favorite quick supper has been a big, green salad topped with lots of veggies, maybe some cheese, some nuts or beans, and homemade dressing.

I made homemade tortillas last night, though, so I could make tacos! That was good, and I forget how fast tortillas are!

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