Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Look what came in the mail!

The girl's easter chocolates came today! I ordered each girl one of the these baskets with a small "milk" chocolate bunny and 4 foil covered eggs each from Karmavore.

We don't like to give them too much candy but I couldn't help but grab a 4 pack of these cocomels to add to their stash. They come in 4 flavours - fleur de sel, vanilla, chai and java. I got them a pack of the vanilla ones.

And of course I couldn't help but get myself a little Easter treat too! The cocomels also come in a chocolate-covered 12 piece variety pack and I just couldn't resist. I love chocolate covered caramels and I love coconut so this has to be a winning combo! I haven't tried them yet - I'm trying to be good and wait till Easter.

So pretty! It will almost be a shame to eat them...almost;)

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