Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy making beans!

I love beans! My kids...well some days they love them and some days, not so much. Hummus and falafel are usually good bets but I've been making this salad of about a year now and everyone likes it. Probably doesn't hurt that I serve tortilla chips with it to scoop and eat the salad. Its just a mixture of black beans, pinto beans, chopped grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, green onions, frozen kernel corn (defrosted and squeezed of excess moisture) and for a dressing just a tiny bit of canola oil, a splash of rice wine vinegar, taco seasoning and a squeeze of lime - all organic! This is the basic recipe and people add extras according to their likes - avocado, black olives, etc. It makes great leftovers and packs well for school lunches.

I had some leftovers the next day over lettuce and crushed some tortilla chips (Garden of Eatin Multigrain chips - really good!) on top for a filling lunch salad. Also good with a scoop of guacamole on it!

And last weekend I got to cleaning out my cupboards and noticed I had A LOT of chickpeas in there so I decided to make a big pot up and freeze into about 2 cup servings. I'm using one of the containers tonight to make the Falafel Burgers from The Vegan Table. I haven't tried that recipe yet but pretty much everything I've made from there has turned out to be excellent.

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