Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Look what came in the mail!

The girl's easter chocolates came today! I ordered each girl one of the these baskets with a small "milk" chocolate bunny and 4 foil covered eggs each from Karmavore.

We don't like to give them too much candy but I couldn't help but grab a 4 pack of these cocomels to add to their stash. They come in 4 flavours - fleur de sel, vanilla, chai and java. I got them a pack of the vanilla ones.

And of course I couldn't help but get myself a little Easter treat too! The cocomels also come in a chocolate-covered 12 piece variety pack and I just couldn't resist. I love chocolate covered caramels and I love coconut so this has to be a winning combo! I haven't tried them yet - I'm trying to be good and wait till Easter.

So pretty! It will almost be a shame to eat them...almost;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy making beans!

I love beans! My kids...well some days they love them and some days, not so much. Hummus and falafel are usually good bets but I've been making this salad of about a year now and everyone likes it. Probably doesn't hurt that I serve tortilla chips with it to scoop and eat the salad. Its just a mixture of black beans, pinto beans, chopped grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, green onions, frozen kernel corn (defrosted and squeezed of excess moisture) and for a dressing just a tiny bit of canola oil, a splash of rice wine vinegar, taco seasoning and a squeeze of lime - all organic! This is the basic recipe and people add extras according to their likes - avocado, black olives, etc. It makes great leftovers and packs well for school lunches.

I had some leftovers the next day over lettuce and crushed some tortilla chips (Garden of Eatin Multigrain chips - really good!) on top for a filling lunch salad. Also good with a scoop of guacamole on it!

And last weekend I got to cleaning out my cupboards and noticed I had A LOT of chickpeas in there so I decided to make a big pot up and freeze into about 2 cup servings. I'm using one of the containers tonight to make the Falafel Burgers from The Vegan Table. I haven't tried that recipe yet but pretty much everything I've made from there has turned out to be excellent.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planetbox Lunches

It feels likes it has been forever since I last posted. After the girls got better with the flu DH got it and was sick for a good week with it. I lucked out and managed to avoid getting it!

Back in August I got both girls the Planetbox lunch box. I was pretty hesitant since it was pricey but after much internal debate I decided to get them. I got one for both kids since shipping was not cheap and Ollie does use hers for preschool snacks and of course will bring her lunch in it when she starts school fulltime.

I'm so glad I bought these for the kids...they've been great lunch boxes! They hold a lot of food which was something I was really worried about because Gabbie is a pretty big eater. In the cold months I would often send her a thermos of hot food (soups, pasta, chilis, etc) and pack a salad and fruit and veggies in her planetbox to go with it.

Here are a couple of lunches I've packed for her recently.

Mangoes and organic strawberries for fruit, organic carrots and cucumbers for her veggies crackers and hummus along with a little treat for after lunch and below is a cookie packed in the big dipper as well.

Also made some Banana Chocolate Chip muffins from 100 Best Baking Recipes book. I usually like to add a scoop of peanut butter to these muffins but since they were for lunches I left the pb out. The only changes I made were to use whole grain spelt flour of the all purpose.

Every Friday is hot lunch day but there are never any suitable choices for Gabbie so I try to either send her a vegan equivalent of a extra special lunch that day. Last Friday I sent her one of her all time favourites - veggie sushi! We had a lot of fruit in the house too so she also got organic kiwis, organic mangoes and blackberries and muffin in her big dipper and a few treats for after lunch. She was quite pleases with her lunch and said it was better than what the other kids had.