Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching up

Blargh. So the flu has hit the 2 youngest members of this house. First Gabbie woke up last tuesday saying she wasn't feeling well then on thrusday morning Ollie said she didn't feel well. Both had a fever on and off for quite a few days, no appetite or energy at all. Gabbie is about 95% better now but Ollie is still not well. They've both been taking the Sambucol and drinking a lot of smoothies with some coconut water in them (I like the ones with a splash of fruit juice in them like the pineapple, mango and guava ones. They're also good mixed half and half with organic fruit juice if a smoothie is too much for the tummy). Its been some sleepless nights for me and dh. I hope we don't get sick too!

Here are some pictures of what we've been eating for the last couple of weeks. Their not in order and I'm too tired and lazy to try and fix it!

A shrek smoothie. This one had pineapple, frozen mangos, frozen peaches, kale, a scoop of vega tropical tango shake and go mix and some pineapple coconut water in it. Its very refreshing - even for those of use not sick!

Sometimes its breakfast for dinner - choc chip pancakes made with organic spelt flour and almond milk, lemon dill roasted organic baby potatoes, and apple sage field roast sausages...so so good!

Coconut choc chip cookies from vive. Coconut, chocolate...it speaks for itself!

Sweet Potatoe and lentil chili from Eat, Drink & be Vegan. This is a real favourite of mine and Gabbie likes to take it for lunch in her thermos. I always add corn to mine - the kids love corn and will eat pretty much anything with corn in it.

This was actually tonights dinner. Gabbie's plate looked a lot prettier than mine. Savoury french lentils (ED&BV) quinoa, steamed broc. and sauteed dino kale. Not the prettiest supper to look at but it was really tasty.

The kids hamming it up for pics. Supper that night was no queso quesdillias. Yes that is ketchup on Ollie's plate. She also had half an avocado sliced on her plate as well but she gobbled it up pretty quickly.

Zucchini and sweet potatoe curry (ED&BV). My friend Rebecca made this recipe and raved about it and her kids loved it - she makes it every week now. So I decided to make it too. Sadly my kids didn't dig it at all. I should have known better thought - the recipe called for coriander seeds and I like the flavour of them but the kids hated the texture - they thought there was little rocks in the food. Ollie ate hers with ketchup and Gabbie only ate a few bites and I had to toss the rest. You win some, you lose some. I liked it but probably won't make it again for awhile and the next time I do I'll use ground coriander instead of the seeds ;)

And thats it! Looking at all these pics I can see we are really lacking in the salad department lately. Now that the renos are all done and I have my kitchen back I'm hoping to try some new recipes and get put of this cooking rut I seem to be in.

Whats you favourite salad?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Their back.......

So Delicious Coconut milk beverages that its! I knew they were shipping to Canada again but today was the first time I could pick them up here in Edmonton! I grabbed 2 cartons of the vanilla flavour and as a bonus they were on sale!