Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of the worst weekends of my life........

Last weekend was one of the worst weekends of my life. I had been looking so forward to it because it was not only a long weekend but sunday (the 20th) was my youngests 4th birthday. We had planned a special day of swimming and then a trip to the toy store to pick out a special present then dinner out at a restaurant of her choice. Unfortunately we had some very bad luck.

The weekend started out just fine. The kids had swimming lessons Friday night then we came home, had supper, bath and bed. Saturday we woke up normal time and dh had to go into work for a few hours then pick up the tile for our kitchen then he was coming home. The kids and I had breakfast then I sent them to the basement to clean up. I was sorting through the laundry when I heard screaming and crying coming from the basement. My youngest came up with blood dripping down her face. I grabbed a cloth and asked what happened. Turned out she had been walking with a ballpoint pen and had tripped and got the pen in her eye! I called my husband and burst into tears explaining what I knew and told him I was taking her to the nearest emergency room and he left work to meet me there. After a quick exam the doctor called an eye specialist and he sent us to the Royal Alex hospital where they do all the eye surgery. We quickly dropped the oldest off with my mom and headed to the alex. The specialist looked at her eye, dilated it and gave her an eye exam. It was hard for him to get a really good look in her eye but he felt that her eye was ok but she had a severe laceration to the eyelid (her eyelid was almost cut in half) so she needed surgery to close the wound and then once she was under they could take a better look at the eye. They got her scheduled pretty quickly for surgery so we did all the pre-op stuff and then they took her down to the OR. I was able to put on a gown and cap and come in till they put her under then I had to leave. She was a real trooper - she talked with the nurses while I talked to the surgeon and she was really brave till the anesthesiologist then she started screaming for mommy and curled up into a little ball on the bed. They had to restrain her to use the gas to knock her out and I felt like bursting into tears yet again. I had to leave after that and dh was in the waiting area. As soon as I saw him i did burst into tears again and cried the entire time she was in surgery. All I could think about was the last thing she told me before they put her under. Broke my heart and still does when I think about it today.

Ollie: knock, knock
Me: Whos there?
Ollie: Mommy
Me: Mommy who?
Ollie: Mommy I'm your best friend!

All I could think about was what if those were the last words she every said to me? They should have knocked me out with the gas too because I was close to hysterical. Thank god it was a relatively short surgery (about 45 min). Once they had her under and they were able to take a good look at her eye they saw that not only did she have a severe laceration to her eyelid but she also had a laceration on the membrane of her eye. Thankfully, both will heal with no damage to her vision (as far as they can tell she has 20/20 vision). She was freaking out after the surgery because she had a patch over her eye and she couldn't see. After 45 mins of trying to soothe her I told dh to rip the damn thing off and as soon as we did and she could see us she calmed right down. She drank some apple juice and they brought her a popsicle. She rested for a bit and I read to her then she fell asleep. They kept us for a couple of hours after the surgery then they let us go home.

I can't say enough about all the nurses and doctors that took care of us at the Alex. They have a pediatric day surgery unit at the Alex thats closed on weekends but they brought a nurse in from there and she was excellent with Ollie and with us. So funny and kind! The OR nurses were super friendly with Ollie and they gave her a cap just like mine to wear and took a picture of the 3 of us before she went into the OR. The surgeon was amazing - I felt very at ease talking to him and felt confident about her surgery. The unit nurse gave Ollie and really nice gund teddy bear and some stickers and bracelets before we left and she called a few days later to see how we were doing and to say hi to Ollie. She packed up all our medicine for Ollie and made sure we had everything we needed before we left the hospital.

We got home around 10 pm that night and it was close to 11 before we all went to bed. I though she would be so tired that she would sleep in. Nope. She was up at 7 the next morning (her birthday) and she ran and played like nothing happened. It was an exciting day for her because all my family was calling her and coming by to see her - both for her birthday and for the surgery. We still took her to the toy store to pick out a special toy and then out to dinner but by the time we went to dinner she was complaining about her eye and we went straight home after that. A warm bath, some tylenol and a few books and she was out. The next day she really complained about her eye and she was super tired - all the "excitement" for the last few days had really caught up with her. It was another early to bed night.

So this week I have no awesome food photos to share. We've just been eating a lot of bean soups and salads. The kitchen and bathrooms have been a mess with the wall repairs being done and the tiles going up. I'm so glad all these renos are almost done. Ollie hasn't been able to go to preschool this week and it really bummed her out but she sees the surgeon tomorrow for a follow up and hopefully she'll be able to go back this week. This week has been a real fight sometimes trying to get her to put the drops in her eyes and stuff but her eye looks a 1000 times better.

Hopefully next week is a better week!

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