Friday, November 12, 2010

Vega Shake and Go Smoothie review

I am a big fan of Brendan Brazier and the Thrive Diet.I don;t follow his adive to the "t" but I think the nutritional advice and products he makes are top quality - nutritional speaking. Unfortunately every product I've tried has gotten 2 thumbs down in the taste department from me. A great product is only good if you can actually ingest it and I could not choke down more than a sip of the Whole Food Health Optimizers nor the Whole Food Smoothie Infusion (funny but the kids seemed to like the smoothie infusion I just couldn't drink more than a sip of it). I thought as much as I like the idea behind his products I'd never be able to use them.

Until I tried this....

Tropical Tango Shake and Go Smoothie. This stuff is seriously good! Now full disclosure - I haven't just mixed it with water and drank it - I've been adding it to our morning smoothie but I feel confidant that I could just mix it with water and it would be good too. Just not a real breakfast smoothie if you know what I mean:) I've been making a pineapple/orange/strawberry smoothie the last couple of days and been adding 2 tbsp's of the mix to the smoothie and its been fantastic. It has a very nice peach/nectarine taste to it that really compliments the mix of fruits I've been using. The kids love it and I feel like it fortifies our breakfast a little bit. I think it would be great to use in green smoothies and would help mask the greens (not that I've ever had that problem). The only problem I have with it is that its pricey - I got this pouch for $19.99 on sale but its normally $24.99 and that would only last use 2 weeks i we used it everyday. So I'm not sure if we'll be able to use it everyday as I'm trying to cut down the grocery budget a bit but I'll have to see if we can fit it in because everyone really enjoys it.

So if your like me and have wanted to like the Vega products but just could get over the taste of them give this one a try! I plan on trying the berry one and the vanilla almond one.

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