Monday, October 18, 2010

Part way there!

Its been a very long week of renos but I now have new kitchen cabinets and countertops (and bathroom cabinets and some new cabinets and countertops for my laundry room too)! My Uncle and his apprentice came down to do the work for us and even though they were great guests (and workers!) its nice to have everyone out of the house and to be by ourselves again. DH and I were up late last night cleaning and I'm working on reorganizing everything in the kitchen today. We have a week off before the plumbers come to fix our bathtubs and shower (the joys of an older house). The renovations haven't been fun but they're so worth it! I am in love with my new kitchen and we moved things around a bit so I finally have some countertop space! So excited to start cooking in there again! Thankfully the weather has been nice we've been grilling a lot of veggies and mushrooms, etc but its starting to cool off so it looks like the kitchen is done just in time.

Back to clean and organizing.........

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