Sunday, September 5, 2010


Wow my 100th post! I finally made! I probably should do some great food post but its been a crazy weekend of cleaning and organizing with Fall coming and school starting so we've been having some quick and un-blogworthy meals the last couple of days. So instead I want to share a few special pictures of a really special dog.

This is our dog Wilbur - yes I picked his name, not the kids. I don't know - he just looked like a Wilbur to me! When my oldest daughter was little she was pretty sick and at one point spent some time at the local Children's Hospital. She always wanted a dog so once she got out of the hospital I started looking for one. My husband is pretty allergic to dogs and cats but thankfully he is fine around Shih Tzus. We had hoped we'd find one that was white and brown but the minute I saw Wilbur's picture I knew that was my dog. He has been such a great addition to our family. This little guy has a heart of gold. He is a real loving dog, always happy and excited to meet everyone he sees and he is great with kids. He loves to go for walks and at night after our walk he likes to curl up with me while I have a cup of tea and watch tv or read. Everywhere I go in the house he follows - he is a real people dog.

Really - how much cuter could he get?! Love you Wilbur!!!

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