Monday, September 6, 2010


My youngest starts preschool tomorrow and she just finished giving herself a haircut.


How bad is it? Its down to the scalp in some areas and the back...well its one of the worst mullets I've ever seen. Thankfully my niece is a hairdresser and after a frantic call she came over and did her best to fix it. Its a very short bob now with some layers in it and with some artful styling and combing I think I can hide the worst of it.

Fortunately this child can really rock a hat........


Mz.Elle said...

My daughter shaved her head once,right down the middle.
We didn't have a hairdresser in the family though,lucky you!

Catherine said...

I replied to your question about the apple pie filling on my blog! Thanks for reading!

As a preschool teacher myself, I feel your pain! I always watch children VERY carefully with scissors!