Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farmers Market Finds

We hit the Farmers Market yesterday afternoon for some more back to school produce. Not that we don't eat produce all the time but its exciting for the kids to call it back to school veggies!

A purple bell pepper! I've seen purple beans and potatoes before but never a purple pepper. The lady at the stand said they taste sweeter than a red pepper but I found it tasted more like a green pepper. I don't think the kids will be excited when they taste them because the love red, yellow and orange bell peppers but not so much green ones. They'll still eat them (if only because their purple) and I'm ok with that!

Also deserving a special mention is the awesome cucumbers we got. They had a sale, buy one large bag get the second one half price - couldn't pass that up so we now have a lot of cukes but thats ok cuz everyone in this house loves cukes!

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The Little Mama said...

Beautiful produce! Which market do you normally go to?

Re: Lavender, not a dumb question at all! We grew some last year, and dried it, but I have seen it at Planet Organic before, with the rest of the herbs and spices. :)