Sunday, August 8, 2010

So much to blog about

It feels like forever since I blogged last but we've been so busy I just haven't had time to sit down at the computer. The girls are in swimming lessons again for 2 weeks (they were in the first 2 weeks of July as well) and the weather has been really nice here so we've been walking to the library, going to the park, playing on the swing set and sandbox in the backyard..basically just spending as much time outside as we can!

And of course we've been enjoying those awesome "summertime" meals. Here's what I've managed to download of my camera so far (I have a lot of pictures to post in the next couple of days!)

Pad Thai with tofu, grilled pineapple and steamed broccoli with garlic sauce. Had the leftovers the next day for lunch. Delicious!

Lemon Blueberry Muffins. Made these on a rainy day to pop in the freezer for snacks and to bring for breakfast on vacation. More on that in a minute!

Sometimes you just need something fast and easy. Dr. Preager's gluten free california veggie burgers, fries and kale chips. Mmhhhh!

Burritos made with homemade "refried"beans and cashew cheeze sauce, baked in the oven till crispy on the outside. Paired with a green salad it was a yummy dinner. Again the leftovers were enjoyed for lunch the next day.

Not the prettiest looking dish but it actually turned out to be pretty tasty. I we we're out of ideas and low on groceries so we marinated portobella mushrooms and grape tomatoes with balsamic vinegrette and grilled them on the bbq then tossed with whole wheat pasta. Sometimes simple really is best.

We went on vacation to the mountains for a few days to see the sights and to visit my granny (the girl's great granny). It was a great vacation! As much as I miss the baby stage now that my youngest is 3 I have to say I am enjoying some of the perks of have children that are so much more independent. It was nice to go on a trip and not have to worry about packing the stroller, baby carrier, etc. We had so much fun touring around Banff/Canmore and the kids were amazingly good despite some pretty busy days and lots of walking in the fresh mountain air. We pack quite a bit of food and our hotel room had a mini fridge so we pretty much ate in the hotel room and pack picnic lunches. For dinner we found this great indian place that made great basmati rice and an incredible red lentil curry that had coconut milk and green beans in it. I was sad to leave but happy to come home if that makes any scene. We are looking very forward to going back soon.

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