Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eco Planet Crackers

I've read about these crackers on a few blogs now and have been wanting to get them for when school starts so the girls could have a fun cracker in their lunch as a treat every now and then. I have kept my eyes open for them but never saw them here in Canada. I thought about ordering them on online but was kinda hesitant about it (not sure why, I order a lot of stuff online!). I decided to check the manufactures site and sure enough the had listed Safeway as a retailer here in Canada. So I called up a Safeway close to me and they had them in stock! Yesterday the girls and I made a trip over there to pick up a couple of boxes.

The kids love them, no surprise there. They taste much like those goldfish crackers many love. The girls like the fun shapes and are very excited to have them in their lunches. The downside is they are expensive - $5.49 a box at Safeway and there isn't a lot of nutritional value (ok theres no nutritional value) so they won't be getting them everyday but I'm happy I got them and will be packing them for lunches sometimes.

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