Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Warning - EXTRA LONG post ahead!

It feels like forever since I last posted. May is always such a busy month for us! I keep saying I'll post tonight and then something always comes up and I put off posting. Ok so here is an update of everything thats been going on - I'll try not to babble too much!

We celebrated Mother's Day with my family on the Saturday (the 8th). My sister hosted at her house and my Dad and the rest of teh men took care of the food and cooking (for the most part!) My Dad made me some marinated portobello mushrooms on the grill (as per my request - I did the marinate part) and he got me the best vegan potatoe salad ever - yes it truly was the best poattoe salad I have ever had. It was from planet organic and it was awsome - I had more than my share for sure! My brother made some grilled veggie packets and we have a fruity spinach salad with a raspberry vinegrette. I made the cookies and cream cupcakes from VCTOTW 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla. Both were excellent! I didn't care for the icing but I really don't like icing. Everyone else loved them too! Then on the Sunday I went for a extra long workout at the gym then had a relaxing shower, played some wii with the girls and then my husband made the dinner i requested - veggie dogs, more of the awesome potatoe salad and veggies and dip - and I *might* have had a few potatoe chips! Oh and for dessert we had so delicious chocolate coconut milk ice cream. I had hoped the weather would be really nice that day so we could eat outside but it wasn't to be.

Later that week we celebrated my birthday. It was a great day! I spent the morning relaxing at home after dropping off the oldest at school. Then we picked her up and heading off for some vegan sushi for lunch - so good as usual! Then we went herb plant shopping - with much success. Then we headed home and I took the girls out for a wagon ride - they enjoy it but I'm telling you they are heavy to pull! Then we headed home for a quick shower/bath before dh came home and we headed off for a delicious italian dinner.

Then this past weekend the dh and I were going to go for a relaxing supper out just the 2 of us but my sister decided to move my niece's party to this saturday since the weather was so nice. I had to teach a course this weekend so it worked out ok for my no cooking saturday night! My awesome Dad went to planet organic that morning to get me some more of that awesome potatoe salad and a piece of vegan chocolate cake - he knew i was teaching this weekend and wouldn't have time to do a lot of cooking. It was so nice to come home after a long day of teaching and go to the party and have lots of food to eat. Thanks Dad - it was so thoughtful and very appreciated!

And thats it! Thats what we've been up to. The last few days the weather was super hot so we've been eating pretty basic stuff - salads, smoothies, etc. Yesterday the girls and I ate an entire watermelon over 8 hours. Between that and all the smoothies we drank that day I'm pretty sure we got out quote of fruit!

The weather was a little cooler today and its suppose to stay a little cooler for the long weekend which will actually be good. I can do some baking this weekend to freeze for the next few weeks. We're running ow on muffins and cookies! Thats the only thing I don't like about the warmer weather - too hot to bake (and we don't have air conditioning).

Hope everyone is spending as much time outside in the beautiful weather as we are!

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