Sunday, April 25, 2010

What we're up to

I'm happy to say that the weather has been getting so much nicer here! The sun has been shining and everyone is pretty happy about that. The kids have been playing outside lots and although I love it when they spend all day outside it makes for some pretty tired kids and when they get tired they fight with each other...a lot! Oh well, atleast with all the fresh air they have been going to bed a little earlier than normal.

Today was a little bit chilly even though the sun came out in the afternoon so I decided to make what will probably be my last pot of soup for awhile! It was just a vegetable barley soup with red and brown lentils and green split peas. It looks like dirty water but its really tasty! We had homemade pita chips and hummus with the soup and for dessert we had the choc chip oatmeal espresso cookies from vegan cookies invade your cookie good!

I've been super busy trying to get all the spring cleaning done...its hard to clean inside when its so nice outside! The weather is suppose to be a little cooler this week so hopefully I'll get more of the inside stuff done. I also have a website that I need to get done too...after that I have no big projects scheduled which is kinda good and kinda bad!

What have you been out doing in the nice weather lately?

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