Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warning - LONG post ahead!

Wow is there ever a lot to catch up on! Its been very busy around here esp. in the kitchen!

The girls have been pretty healthy all winter long and DH and I haven't had a cold all winter long. We went out for dinner on Valentines day and we were talking about how lucky we were to have escaped all the sickness this year and I said that it probably has a lot to do with us cleaning up our diet and he agreed that it was a big part of it. Svore one for vegan eating! My DH isn't vegan (I wouldn't change one thing about him...except maybe that!) but he eats mostly vegan and this year he is really starting to see the benefits.

So what is all this healthy vegan food we've been eating? Well it has all been healthy....

I'm sure every vegan on the planet has heard about Daiya cheese. I ordered some from Karmavore - one bag of the cheddar and one of the italian blend. Above is a pizza I made with the italian blend. Homemade crust from VwaV, tomatoe sauce, daiya, fresh pineapple, saute mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives. It was great! I really like the Daiya - its vegan, soy free, gluten free and it even has fiber in it. And it really does melt like dairy cheese! The texture took me a little getting use to but if I had to buy a vegan cheese this is one the one I'd pick every time hands down. I'll give you my review of the cheddar next time - it doesn't disappoint!

We had some cold days here and sometimes you just want some comfort food. This is my version of mac and cheeze. The sauce is made from raw cashews, a red pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and I think thats it. I whiz it all up in the vitamix and it is so good! Even my omni bro likes this stuff - its on the regular rotation at their house. This will probably gross some of you out but when we we're little, my siblings and I always put ketchup on our mac and cheese (my Dad taught us that one!) and if you put ketchup on this mac n cheeze it taste exactly like the mac and cheese from my childhood - except a little healthier and animal friendly!

Here is a pic of the sauce in the vitamix. This sauce is also excellent on steamed broccoli and other veg for a once in awhile treat!

I've been trying to go through all my cookbooks and pick a new recipe or two every week to try. Above is the chickpea ratatouille and the broccoli & walnut phyllo dish from vive served with a side of quinoa. Both were super tasty but I really liked the phyllo dish. It does that a bit of time to prep and make so its not a everyday dish here but it would certainly be great for company or a day when you have extra time. I think Dreena mentions that you can also mix the filling with pasta - I'll definately give that a try!

Well thats all from me tonight. I have to go write out my meal plan and grocery list for the weekend/easter.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

So far behind!

I can't believe how far behind I have fallen on this blog...and I have so much to share too! I lost the cord to my camera so I had no way of downloading pictures and I was determined to find it but I've looked everywhere and and I just can't find it so I broke down today and went and got a new card reader so we're back in business! And good thing too because I have a lot of pictures to share, I just need a few days to download and organize all of them!

Prepare for a very long post in the next few days....